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How to increase the turnover of goods in the store

Knowing how to increase the turnover of goods in the store is useful to every retail owner regardless of how successful he is at the moment. New laws are being adopted, competition is growing, and in these changing conditions one must always be one step ahead.

Goal setting
Like any other idea, an increase in turnover should be formulated as a clear goal. Understanding what you need is the first step to increase sales. Many entrepreneurs fail to increase sales because their goals are set as follows:

Need to attract new customers. In this goal there is no specifics. How much need to increase the influx of customers by 10% or 15%? Set specific goals.
We must sell the maximum amount of goods at the highest price. High prices do not contribute to the influx of customers. Do not be afraid to hold discounts and sales.
It is necessary to bring a loyal customer. Firstly, it is necessary to clarify who the loyal customer is and how often he makes a purchase. In addition, you must understand that a loyal customer can not be found just like that. They become the person who made the purchase once and was pleased with your store.
You need to sell off the balance and attract new customers. The goal, the formulation of which is the desire to get rid of something, as a rule, is ineffective. Specify only what you want to achieve.
It is necessary to achieve the highest possible revenue. Such a goal does not contain any tool aimed at its achievement. You must clearly understand how you are going to achieve the goal.
Right goals look like this:

We need to increase sales by 25%.
We will sell for 50 thousand rubles a day.
Revenue will be increased by 2 times.
We will hold a campaign that will bring 1.5 million rubles of income.
We will recoup the cost of opening a store for 6 months.
Factors affecting turnover
Legislation. An entrepreneur cannot directly influence changes in regulatory acts, so you simply need to adapt to this factor.
Location The more people pass by the store, the more visitors you will receive. Shopkeepers rarely change their position, and in vain. Moving to a more crowded place may well raise sales.
Range. In most industries, expanding the range helps to attract new customers and increase sales. For example, you can organize the direct import of goods that competitors do not yet have.
Prices. The price should be low enough to attract customers, but by no means underestimated (no one would like to work at zero).
Stocks Discounts and various offers are held by almost everyone, but there is always the opportunity to come up with something original and beat the competition.
Marketing research
Assess your capabilities and competitive environment:

Find out how satisfied your customers are and when they refuse to shop. Knowledge of this will eliminate negative factors that repel customers.
Analyze the dynamics of sales for the last year. Assess how sales have changed with increasing or decreasing prices, holding stocks and replenishing the range with new products. This will make it clear which tools from those used previously showed themselves from the best side, and put the main emphasis on them.
Examine what competitors do. What are their prices, where are they located, how actively do they advertise? Methods of increasing sales that have worked for your closest neighbors are more likely to raise your own turnover.
Quick ways to raise sales Use one of these tools or several at once to achieve an increase in turnover in the shortest possible time.

Spread small goods around the cash register – they contribute to impulse purchases.
Lay out related products next to the main ones (for example, belts next to jeans).
Popular items should be placed at eye level — they are more likely to be noticed there. At the bottom you need to place bright and large things, because they will be visible everywhere.
Keep the store clean.
Control the behavior of staff: sellers must not only know the product well, but also be active, polite, smiling.
Post signs to help customers find the right product.
Place advertisements right inside the store, organize promotional zones. Store turnover depends on a huge number of factors, and the task of the entrepreneur is to skillfully manage them.
Increase sales can be a variety of methods. For a quick effect, the advertising and merchandising tools are suitable. To achieve a long-term effect, we can not do without a balanced policy based on the right goal.

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