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Business without worries: the purchase of catering in the form of ready-made business
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Business for the self-employed: selling fresh bread through Instagram

Self-employed – people who provide paid services or sell the results of their activities, whose earnings are periodic, or are an auxiliary item of income to the main type of work. In a number of regions of Russia, the self-employed, in the form of an experiment, are provided with tax breaks and other preferences. One question remains – what to do if you want to become self-employed in order to earn money.

Despite the difference in time, nationality, languages ​​and other external factors, there are self-employed in any country. Engaged, in principle, the same thing. Since consumer demand is the same everywhere, the ways to satisfy it are universal. And social networks in this help.

Over the course of several years, Instagram has evolved from a social micro-network into one of the most popular places for hosting its own content – messages in microblog format, photos and videos. It has also become a powerful business tool to help brands sell their products.

Even small businesses and so-called self-employed take full advantage of Instagram. This social network has simplified their task of ensuring the acceptance of orders from customers. Now the order can be made in the form of direct personal messages on the platform.

So, Max Blachman-Gentile from Brooklyn, last year began selling fresh bread via Instagram. Having agreed with the Brooklyn Bar and Torst Restaurant, Max bakes his products in their oven, his customers also take orders at this bar. At the same time, Blachman-Gentile does not depend on the restaurant, his baking business is completely individual. If measured by our criteria – Max is a self-employed baker.

The restaurant, in addition to renting the furnace during its inactivity (morning hours), that is, 100% of its load, receives new potential customers from the number of Blackman-Gentile customers who regularly pick up their orders.

In this business, it is noteworthy that the clientele of such a micro-business is fully assembled in a social network. Baker entrepreneur advertised inside the platform, and collects orders through internal messages. Max Blachman-Gentile does not use any other promotion tools.
According to the latest data released by Instagram, more than 25 million commercial accounts have been collected on its platform, but only a small part – about two million – use Instagram to promote their business: advertise their services, collect orders and communicate with customers.

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