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Business on the windowsill: how to make money on plants

Plants are an underestimated source of income, under the power of anyone – from schoolchild to retired. Just a little knowledge, effort, and the usual sill, available in any housing. The only question is what popular plants to grow, how to implement them, and how to do it correctly and simultaneously.

Many dream of owning their own business, although most people stop their fear of failing. Well, it is quite logical, because no one wants to lose their own money, time and effort from scratch. That is why to open a business you should choose a type of business that does not require a lot of investment and effort. And although you still have to work hard, all the options below are easy to implement even for a schoolboy, a woman on maternity leave or a pensioner. The income earned will depend directly on how much effort is put in by the budding businessman.

Where to begin?
Before you dive into a new type of business, you need to gather as much information as possible about the chosen industry. Fortunately, in this case it can be done in just a couple of days. Further, based on the knowledge gained, it is necessary to determine the place where the “money” will grow, i.e. plants. Some need a shadow, others need a bright light.

It is better to start with a small “crop”, in order to feel if this type of business is suitable in general, does the effort invested pay off? And although it doesn’t take much time to water and care for plants, in the first stages you should carefully monitor their condition, water strictly the indicated recommendations, carefully approach the choice of soil and pots.

Both in tea and cake
Mint is one of the oldest plants used in many cuisines of the world. The stunning aroma that it gives to the dishes is not comparable with any other spice. In the cold season mint is most often used to impart a divine flavor to hot drinks. Therefore, the demand for it grows with the onset of cold weather, and, therefore, the plant remains popular from September to April.

However, many do not realize that it is possible to grow a full-fledged plant literally from a process of a bundle of mint, bought in a supermarket! Planting it is best in a sunny area, and watering is quite common. This plant loves heat, so before you start breeding it, you need to evaluate your window sills or loggia for heat and sunshine.

Hit “health”
Sprouted wheat sprouts – a sensational and proven way of maintaining health. There is even no need to mention the beneficial properties of sprouts, there is hardly a person who has not heard of them. It is very easy to germinate wheat, it does not require any specific conditions or careful care.

This type of business is suitable for anyone who has at least one free window sill. The only negative – will have to buy seeds specifically designed for germination. They are inexpensive, and you can even order them with home delivery. The process is then very simple: seeds are poured into a shallow form and poured over with water so that it does not completely cover them. From above the form is covered with a piece of cotton fabric and left in a warm place. A day later, the seeds are already empty shoots! Now it remains to rinse them under running water and dry them a little – the germinated sprouts are ready for use! A simple business that can pay off in just 1 day – isn’t it a tempting offer?

Ancient healing decoction
There is also no need to mention the beneficial properties of ginger. It has been very popular for many years in a row, so it is very easy to make money from growing it. This plant is ideal for those who have a cool home or a warmed balcony.

Ginger root breeds well at a temperature of 15 degrees above zero and does not require frequent watering. You can start your “ginger business” by buying a root in a supermarket. You should choose the freshest and “healthy”-looking root. At home it is placed in warm water for several hours. After this short time, the first buds should appear on it! Next, the root must be planted in the ground (but not deeper than 3 cm) and generously watered. You can harvest the first harvest in 2 weeks!

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