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How to make a commercial offer

The success of the company directly depends on how the offer is made. After all, it is able to attract customers, and profit depends on the availability of the latter. If you want to make your business successful, you definitely need to know how to make a commercial offer.

Commercial offer should not be confused with the usual price list or with the description of the product or service. The purpose of the commercial offer is not only to provide information about the goods or services offered, but also to convince a potential client to buy goods from you, or to use your service.

Topic of the letter
Most often commercial offers are sent via e-mail. If a potential client has not yet contacted your company, then it is very likely that your letter will be deleted at the stage of its receipt in an electronic mailbox. The blame for all – the wrong topic of the letter. If you pick up a successful subject of the letter, then the probability of reading your proposal will increase significantly.

There are many techniques for creating the right headers, let’s highlight some of them.

The title is a question. The question can be any: and abstract, and specific. Such a headline hints that the answer lies in the letter. And to find out the answer, the letter should be read. For example: “Why is not growing customer influx?”.
The use of numbers. Figures are a quantitative indicator by which a potential client will immediately figure out what benefit awaits him. And if the numbers attract him, then he will certainly read the letter with your offer. For example: “Increase profits by 50% in two months.”
“Intimidation.” Fear is known to be the driving force. Of course, we are not talking about threats to a potential client. This means, for example: “Without this knowledge, you lose about 5,000 dollars a year.”

The basis of any commercial offer is the so-called “offer”, or the essence of the offer. Remember once and for all – the essence of the proposal is aimed at demonstrating the benefits that the client will receive in cooperation with your company. And it should never be directed directly to products and services. A gross mistake is to write something like: “We are pleased to offer you to attend training to increase sales …”. In this proposal, there are no benefits that the client will receive. Perhaps the company receives hundreds of similar offers to attend trainings. All around offer – why the client should go exactly to you?

Thus, you should always pay attention to the benefits received, the benefits of your products or services. For example: “We offer you to increase the number of customers by at least 30% thanks to our training.”

Note! The essence of the proposal is better to indicate at the very beginning of the sentence.
Convince your uniqueness
After the offer you need to continue to show the client how profitable the cooperation with you is. This may be, for example, an indication that your services have already taken advantage of major customers. At the same time, it is necessary to specify which ones, and why.

You can offer some bonuses, such as free replacement of equipment in the event of a breakdown during the warranty period, free maintenance. Or, for example, a gift proposal.

Note! In this part, you can briefly talk about the company. Only without excessive fanaticism like: “We have been on the market for 50 years, we have served thousands of customers, we, we, we …”
Risk to fail
One of the methods of attracting customers is the introduction of any restrictions on your offer. It is only worth pointing out that “the offer is valid only until December 30,” as the effectiveness of the proposal will increase. Without this restriction, your proposal is likely to be postponed “for later.” And then completely forget about it, even if it is very profitable. Well, of course, these restrictions must be true.

Limited offers always attract more

Immediately after such a restriction, effectively place a call to action: “Call by phone …” or “Leave a request on our website ….”. It seems that the logic of this is not worth explaining.

Typical mistakes
We will tell you about how not to write a commercial offer.

Lack of subject lines. There is no need to even explain the error – so it is clear that the chances of a letter being read in this case tend to zero.
The proposal is too “abstruse.” This refers to the use of too complex, long, unpredictable words. And the compilation of long, boring sentences. This is likely to disgust the reader.
Offer too long. Few people want to read 5 pages of bare text. Therefore, make the offer as concise as possible. One or two pages is good.
No highlight. Do not do “like everyone else” – it’s boring.

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