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How to create a brand

Before you create a brand, you need to figure out what this concept means, determine its key components and identify the main functions.

A brand is a symbolic display of information associated with specific goods or services that is of exceptional value to the target audience. The uniqueness of the brand is due to the integrated development:
design (logo, fonts, color, branded clothing, etc.);
corporate communication (advertising, public relations);
corporate behavior (company standards and values);
sound accompaniment (background music, corporate anthem, music logo);
tactile component (materials for the creation of the product and its packaging);
elements affecting the organs of smell (packaging smell, perfume fragrance, etc.).
Main functions
Creating a brand allows you to solve a number of important tasks. It helps:
occupy a certain niche in the market for goods sold or services provided;
provide high-quality associative links between the company and its products;
to increase the awareness of the company from the target audience;
lay the foundation for sales growth;
ensure product quality;
implement a logical pricing policy;
organize a constant supply of goods through the main sales channels.
Brand and Brand
Often a brand is identified with a brand. However, these concepts are different. A brand is a unique verbal, graphic, or combined expression of a particular firm or its product. A brand not only assumes the originality of the display of certain information about a company or product, but also indicates a high level of awareness among customers.

Brand is the most popular brand.

Note! Any brand is a trademark, but only the most popular brands with a target audience can be considered brands. To acquire the appropriate status, the brand must ensure the strongest possible relationship between the firm and its customers.
Stages of creation
The question of how to create a brand must be solved in stages:

analyze the activities of competitors (it is necessary to determine their advantages and disadvantages);
identify the needs of potential customers (should know the opinion of consumers about similar companies or their products, as well as find out what desires of the target audience are not satisfied);
to carry out positioning (it is important to choose a unique position, which will strengthen the positive image of the company in the minds of customers);
create a brand concept (special attention should be paid to naming, slogan, legend, advertising text, as well as the logo and other visualization elements);
develop an advertising campaign project (you need to select the most effective ways to promote a brand within a given budget).

Modern technologies of advertising art development allow using a huge amount of tools to promote your brand. Brand awareness is provided by:
outdoor advertising;
branded products;
television commercials;
radio announcements;
company website;
participation in various social programs and projects;
seminars and conferences;
creating a professional community;
promotion in social networks;
hidden and viral advertising;
drawing attention to your company with the help of dummy happy buyers;
outrageous activities;
various promotions, etc
Important nuance
For most customers, the brand identity is associated with the original name and expressive logo. According to them, the target audience not only judges the possibility of acquiring a product or service, but also forms a certain idea about the company. Every entrepreneur who is thinking about how to create a brand should pay particular attention to these elements.

To ensure the fastest and most successful promotion, the name of the company or product must be:
concise (short combinations are remembered better than long ones);
simple (unusual names often cause unplanned associations);
truthful (re-purchase is possible only if the expectations of the target audience were met);
positive (increasing loyalty directly depends on positive emotions associated with a particular brand);
memorized (names that are easy to pronounce, promote sales);
sonorous (beautiful names are usually easier to pronounce and remember);
unique (only exclusive name can be patented);
polysemous (generated by the successful name of the association allow to distinguish a company from a number of competitors);
graphic (recognition level depends on the clarity of the spelling of the selected name).

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