How to get a business grant
Many enterprising people seek to open their own business. To do this, initial capital is required. Immediately the question arises about where to get the money to start your business.…

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How to find an investor for a startup
In general, a startup can be described as a stage of business development (beginning) or a newly created business. Thus, any new company can be called a startup. However, a…

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4 basic steps to start your own business in the US
Doing business in the United States, in a country where the form of private enterprise has been erected in an absolute, is a rather simple task. But strict and orderly.…

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40 unique business ideas and startups that can turn the market … or not

Unusual and unique business ideas will always receive increased attention. On the one hand, the idea itself is already interesting to people – is there something unique about it? On the other hand, I would like to see for myself, to give a subjective assessment – there will be a successful idea everywhere, or, for reasons of insurmountable nature, this business idea is not capable of independent living. And not all ideas stand the test of time.

A new buzzword describing unusual business ideas, a startup – brought all eccentrics, in a good sense of the word, to a new level of perception by those around them. Previously, in the pre-Strattap era, all unusual entrepreneurs were considered, if not freaks, then at least, nerds in business. They are busy with something there at home, well, let them do it while they do not bother anyone. Their ideas were perceived as unrealizable without a clear monetization scheme.

The current example lying on the surface is an electric vehicle. A hundred years ago, at the dawn of the automotive industry, electric cars had a numerical advantage over cars using liquid fuel. Then the ICE for a century ousted electricity. In the late nineties of the twentieth century, scientists and engineers, with the development of technology and the emergence of new materials, again turned to this topic. The first prototypes of new electric vehicles appeared. But their work again did not find practical application.

A few more decades have passed and already many European countries are considering the complete rejection of cars with internal combustion engines in favor of electric vehicles. And electric cars themselves occupied a small, but tangible share of the global automotive market. Today, the world’s major automakers produce their own model line of “green” cars that run on electricity, adding to them all possible types of transport – from sports cars and inexpensive citycars to trucks and SUVs.

It all started, as you might guess, with an unusual business idea – the release of electric cars with rich equipment for everyday use. So, in 2012, in the private car company Tesla Motors (USA, California), they started selling the Tesla Model S, a luxury sedan powered by electricity. Instantly becoming popular around the world. First, it was an advanced commercial development. Secondly, there were no analogues, except for traditional cars with internal combustion engines. And here already “environmental friendliness” played with its pluses. And after all very few people believed in such success. Tesla cars now represent the pinnacle of transport evolution, offering buyers an extensive range of options not available in models from other manufacturers. Or maybe there is still a car equipped with an autopilot, controlled remotely from a mobile device?

Now, the ideas of a unique business, called a startup, are obsessed with the majority of active inhabitants of the Earth. Yes, yes, everyone is in one or another state of search for an unusual idea that can help them quickly earn or become rich and famous. Without serious competition in the market, which favorably distinguishes any startup from a traditional business.

The project started collecting similar ideas when the word start-up was little known. Therefore, we modestly called our section “Chips” (because we did not know what a startup was).

In this section, we tried to collect various interesting pieces from business, entrepreneurship and earnings. They published unusual business ideas without competition, a clear monetization scheme and a detailed business plan. Ideas that could only be realized by notorious cranks, in the best sense of the word. Not afraid to take risks and be misunderstood. After a few years, the word “startup” gained fame, popularity and gained its “taste”. As they say, has become a commercially viable word. Marketing anchor that can catch the attention of investors and partners. And the “chips” went down in history.

Profitability from 250%. Ready system solutions. Payback of 3 months!
A start-up, in the modern sense of the word, a product or a niche proposal that has no analogues, or has a unique property. Not infrequently, such a proposal for itself generates demand, that is, it becomes the ancestor of the whole business sector. A full-fledged startup, with proper commercial advancement, is able to quickly occupy its own business niche and become a leader in its industry. This is the main condition for any such undertaking – to become a leading product. Truth and here it is necessary to “separate the wheat from the chaff.” For every successful startup, there are a lot of “dummies” or non-working products.

And then only those who want to find their own idea of ​​a startup – “crank”, who dreams to be first in everything, can speak as an expert. Only he can critically evaluate the idea “from his bell tower.” Since only the real “obsessed with business”, as an expert, is able to find the hidden in the open.

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