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Own business: we open a taxi station

What do you need to run a taxi business and how can you earn money today? The situation in the market, the most profitable car brands for taxis and calculations for the organization of a small taxi fleet.
The taxi market is developing rapidly in recent years. And, despite the fact that competition in this business segment is increasing, this business is a financially profitable project. The use of leasing schemes allows to reduce investment, and attracting aggregators – no problem to provide a taxi fleet with customers. In such a business, you can enter without experience and gradually increase the number of cars, constantly increasing their profits.

The current situation in the taxi market
The volume of the Russian taxi market is more than 500 billion rubles. The leader in tax business revenue is Moscow, with revenue of more than 2 billion rubles annually. This is almost half of the entire Russian market. From the point of view of the federal districts, the clear leader is the Central District, which generates revenue of about 180 billion rubles a year. Moscow is inferior in revenue to St. Petersburg, but in terms of the number of registered cars, these cities are almost equal – they account for about 7.5 taxis per 1000 inhabitants. Almost 600 thousand people are employed in this industry throughout the country. Due to the crisis in the economy of the Russian Federation, an increase in the number of employees in this industry by more than 100 thousand people is predicted.

The share of illegal taxis on the market is about 15%, and this figure is constantly decreasing, which is associated with the improvement in the quality of transportation by large taxi companies and the reduction in the cost of travel for customers. Major players in the taxi market are fighting for their customers, for example, over the past few years, the average taxi speed has decreased from 10 minutes to 4-5 minutes. The average cost of travel in a taxi over the past few years, according to market analysts, has decreased by about 35%. And this is with a sharp rise in price of all the basic costs of transportation, such as the cost of cars, the cost of gasoline and spare parts. What made such savings possible? First of all, it is toughening competition among major market players. The cost of attracting a client has slightly decreased. But the main savings are achieved by reducing the wage costs of drivers who have to work more for less.

The entire taxi market is divided into two large segments – taxi companies and aggregators themselves, who do not have their own cars, but carry out only search and transfer of customers to taxis.

Yandex.Taxi, Gett and Uber are leading among aggregators in Russia. Taxis are Rutaksi, Saturn and Maxim, which are large federal networks.

According to the analysis of the market, we conclude that despite the growth in the number of cars and revenues, there is no economic sense to create a separate taxi fleet with its dispatch service. This is due to the almost complete development of the market by large players who can support huge advertising budgets and low cost of travel. The market is so densely occupied that investment in a small taxi station with its own dispatch service is only possible in very tiny settlements where no major players are present. And, if such places still remain, then it is not for long. In our opinion, such investments are not justified.

Own business: we open a taxi station
How can I earn a taxi a small taxi company
Due to the fact that the creation of its own dispatch service by a small company is currently not profitable, you can, having a car park, connect to any aggregator, and carry out orders on its behalf.

The scheme is as follows. You acquire several cars, hire drivers and enter into a contract with one or several taxi aggregators. They will advertise, provide dispatch service and provide you with customers at the rates approved by them. You will pay the aggregator for each client or for a certain period of cooperation with him.

Aggregators work only with legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. As a rule, it is not profitable for the driver to open an individual entrepreneur for carrying out a transportation service by taxi in one car.

There are two main schemes of working with drivers.

The first scheme is based on the fact that you find a driver, and agree with him on a certain plan, which he will take daily. In fact, you rent a car. As a rule, in order to avoid idle time of a car, two drivers work daily on one car. The cost of renting a car that you provide to the driver depends on the class of the car, its mileage and the fuel it runs on. Naturally, renting a car on gas is somewhat more expensive, since it is associated with a rather expensive refitting of the car, but the driver pays for the cost of reducing the cost of fuel.

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