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How to get a business grant

Many enterprising people seek to open their own business. To do this, initial capital is required. Immediately the question arises about where to get the money to start your business. One option is to get a grant from the state.

To open or develop your own business, you have the opportunity to receive the necessary funds from the regional budget within the framework of the program for supporting start-up entrepreneurs, which operates in our country. The amount of the amount issued is set independently by the regional authorities. A state grant designed for business development can be provided to both legal entities and private entrepreneurs. The main advantage of such grants is that they are issued by the state on a free and non-refundable basis. New businessmen simply need to know how to get a grant for a business, since at the development stage of a still “fragile” business, an increase in cost items is highly undesirable.

What is required for a grant
To receive a grant it is necessary that:

at the time of application, the period of state registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur did not exceed one year;
The commission was provided with a full package of documents required for obtaining a state grant.
What documents are needed
The list of documents required for obtaining a state grant includes:

application for participation in the grant competition;
a copy of the document on higher education of the applicant for economic or legal or business education;
a copy of the certificate of registration of a private entrepreneur or legal entity (UL);
an extract from the state register, which contains all registered LE and SP;
a copy of the certificate that confirms the fact of registration with the relevant tax authorities;
copies of the contract, charter and other constituent documents (relevant only for legal entities);
certified by the signature of the head and having a seal certificate containing data on the average number of employees for the last reporting period (also relevant for legal entities only);
a certificate from the tax authorities confirming the fact that the taxpayer has fulfilled his obligations to pay fees, insurance premiums, taxes and penalties (if there are any). At the same time, at the time of submitting this certificate, from the date of its issue no more than one month should pass, otherwise it will be declared invalid;
copies of such documents as contracts, invoices, checks, payment orders and any other papers confirming the fact of payment of expenses incurred by means of their own means;
certificate of the creation of new jobs or the preservation of the former in the implementation of the business plan, which must be signed by the head and must be certified by the applicant’s seal;
directly the business plan itself or its justification, drawn up in the technical and economic form.
Note! All documents should be stitched and numbered.
Each participant in the competition who seeks to receive a state grant must be presented with a business plan structure indicating the cost of the developed project and indicating the time needed for its implementation, as well as the address of the actual location of the future facility.

The collected set of documents of the competition commission is provided, the task of which is to verify the accuracy of the information submitted by the contest participants. As soon as the documents from all applicants are verified, the members of the commission make a decision either on refusal or on granting the desired grant.

Note! After receiving the funds, the entrepreneur is obliged to provide documents showing that the grant was directed specifically to business development, according to the submitted plan. In addition, you need to be prepared for the fact that during the year a commission can visit the place of business for the purpose of verification.
Grant Chances
Now you can act immediately. Absolutely all applicants have a chance to receive money from the state, which will be used as start-up capital.

Note! It is important that your particular project appears to commission members to be promising and quickly paid back. In this regard, when preparing a business plan, you should describe the project you have developed as thoroughly and as thoroughly as possible and convince the commission that after a few months, your business will begin to generate stable income.
Of course, today it is quite difficult for many aspiring businessmen to cope with the high competition prevailing in the consumer market. However, if you can get a grant from the state, which is provided free of charge, it will be much easier to stay afloat and reach the level of self-sufficiency without attracting additional investments in the first stages.

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