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Anyone who decides to start a business should be prepared for difficulties and failures. So that after the first attempt in a couple of months not to return to work for hire, you need to properly plan everything. And even in this case, no one is insured against collapse. The good news is that even the most deplorable situation does not always mean the end of your business – you can always change and fix everything.

Consider the common causes of the collapse of the business and the way out of crisis situations.

Selected promotion methods do not work
More often than not, how the business will be promoted, you wonder in advance. But this is also the problem: if the direction did not work, it is difficult to reschedule work on the move. And the reason may be both the initial reassessment of the method of promotion, and poor quality work of the performer.

The creator of the German Clinic company, which deals with accompanying the treatment of Russian patients in German clinics, Maxim Rykov, began with the creation of a website and online promotion of his services, but the effectiveness was low. After analyzing the situation, he came to the conclusion that first of all you need to work on your personal brand and quality of services.

But the whole thing is this: at first, clients were attracted by analogy with the departments serving Russian-speaking clients in state German clinics. And the quality of service they do not always correspond to the paid money in terms of service and competence of selected doctors. Often, the language barrier becomes a problem, and the only person with whom the client can communicate during treatment is the translator.

Work on the quality of the service primarily involves a deep immersion in the German medical industry, expanding the circle of acquaintances with specialists, searching for insider information from clinics and insurance companies. In addition, practicing Russian-speaking doctors with current European diplomas were found to accompany clients.

The organization of treatment abroad is a specific branch with a large check, in which the recommendations of clients play an important role. It happens even this way: people search through friends, in the media and social networks of those who have already undergone treatment for their disease, and come on their recommendations. When the approach to the development and promotion of business changed, customers began to recommend the company to others more often and the flow of incoming applications grew.

If the business does not go, it is not necessary to immediately think about closing. Perhaps there are errors in the construction of business processes, promotion, and just fix them.

But this does not mean that Internet marketing in medicine does not work and should be abandoned by everyone. Take, for example, Dr. Utina, who became known as a cardiopoete in LiveJournal, took part in the ethnographic expedition of Artemy Lebedev, and now leads a medical channel on YouTube that is popular in runet and runs the SMART CheckUp clinic for on-site diagnostics.

Target audience has exhausted itself
At first glance, this situation seems unreal – with the development of Internet marketing, the target audience of almost any business has grown to the whole world. However, there are offline niches that cannot be scaled via the Internet. That is why it is risky to launch a product that the client needs once, in small towns for 50 thousand people. When each of the 50 thousand people visit you, you will have to turn off the business or radically change the direction.

The experience of the owner of the museum of illusions and sciences shows that such projects have a finite audience, even in fairly large cities like Vladimir. Lifetime, of course, is more here – the businesswoman managed to overcome a lot of difficulties and earn more than 3 million rubles in 3 years, so the project can be considered successful. But the result is the same – the museum had to be closed. The difference is that the money earned was enough to start a new business in another area.

Most often, it is possible to predict that the target audience will end sooner or later, even at the start. But many entrepreneurs, especially beginners, lack the foresight to do this. Often common sense drowns out the euphoria that covers a person during the launch of his first business. Anyway, if this happened – the demand for a previously profitable product has fallen sharply – there are essentially two ways out: to change the geography or the direction. In the first case, everything is simple – we transport business to a larger city, where demand will be. However, not everyone will do it – few will want to move themselves, and it’s rather difficult to manage a company remotely effectively.

With direction both easier and more difficult at the same time. On the one hand, there is no need to go anywhere, on the other – to find an idea that will force customers to return is not so easy.

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