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How to invite people to network business

Network business or network marketing is a system for selling a variety of goods and services through a system of independent distributors. Participation in the network gives its distributors various benefits for goods, and the income is made up of the commission for sales and referral rewards. Not everyone knows how to invite people to the online business.

Advantages and disadvantages
Like any business, multi-level marketing has its pros and cons. Not everyone can achieve success in it. To do this, you must have a certain entrepreneurial spirit, assertiveness, the ability to build a system of relationships, communication skills.

The advantages include a minimum of funds for the start, the organization of working time at their own discretion, the unimportance of such social qualities as education and age. Network business can also be inherited. Beginners are provided with an integral program of training and adaptation, there is a whole system of benefits. For those who just came into the business, conducted training seminars and trainings. With the development of the world wide web, you can start a network business via the Internet.

The disadvantages include the skeptical attitude of people to network marketing. At first, in the absence of sufficient experience, receiving refusals from customers and partners is inevitable. The same skepticism, as well as high turnover and the difficulty of building a network-client relationship, reduces the prestige of the profession. Many people, first ignited by the idea, face difficulties, do not stand up, leave the business and carry to the masses the opinion about the futility of network marketing.

Note! The legal status of the network distributor is not indicated in any way, which may create legal problems with the producer organization. In addition, it is worth remembering that the network business at the very beginning takes a lot of time.
Despite the fact that Russians are skeptical of network marketing, there are many examples of success. So, in America, half of the existing millionaires received their first million thanks to network marketing.

Rules for creating a network business
To begin with, you need to define the purpose of the business. It would be wrong to assume that selling is the first priority. Pursuing this goal, you can lose a lot of customers, earn a bad reputation as an “impudent sales person” and lose all the advantages of network marketing. The main task of building a system is to offer customers the goods and services that they really need. This will build a strong relationship “distributor-client”, which will certainly lead to success.

The second rule for creating a successful business is subject knowledge. It is necessary to thoroughly study the proposed product, its advantages and disadvantages, the possible benefits from its acquisition. The presentation of the goods includes all possible means – from electronic presentations and offers by phone to special catalogs. Here it is important to cover all possible channels of perception, so that the product is interested in both the audial, and the visual, and kinesthetic.

The third rule is a clear planning of activities, subsequent analysis of results and adjustment of plans. It is necessary to define long-term and short-term goals, break them into achievable tasks, set priorities. This will allow to achieve the goal step by step, getting satisfaction from its achievement both in the material and in the psychological aspect.

The fourth rule requires a preliminary study of the market and a portrait of the target audience. The description includes age, socio-cultural indicators, information about education and status, profession. That is, the image of the buyer, who will certainly be interested in the product. Having received the client, in no case should he be left to the mercy of fate – his accompaniment will take time, but will be rewarded. A satisfied buyer can become permanent, raise the seller’s reputation and become an additional source of customer acquisition.

The fifth rule is about the need for self-study. Time free from business organization needs to be spent searching for new methods of doing business: attend training seminars, trainings aimed at developing the necessary qualities, read professional books.

Note! In addition to the above rules, the correct positioning of the seller as an honest and convenient partner is of particular importance.
Basic invitation methods
Firmly determined to start a network business, the novice distributor faces the challenge of recruiting customers and partners. There are many methods of attraction. The most common ones are:

Warm market. This definition includes a wide range of acquaintances – both past and present. It includes relatives, acquaintances, acquaintances of relatives, work colleagues, people with whom there are contacts on other issues, for example, a hairdresser, a beautician, a trainer. Many people reject network marketing offers.

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