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How to make telephone calls

Every businessman should know how to conduct telephone calls. The dynamic rhythm of modern life dictates its own rules. The desire to increase sales, improve the quality of service, or improve technological processes is forcing business people to more and more often perform many tasks outside their office. The time allotted for solving current office problems is often scheduled by the minute. In such a situation, it is almost impossible to pay attention to the interlocutor, who had the honor of an unplanned visit. A full-fledged way of negotiating was by phone. However, it is possible to reach the necessary agreements only with an understanding of the key features of this form of communication.

Preparing to talk
Before conducting telephone calls, you need to prepare for them. In this case, the communication will be as productive and focused on a specific interlocutor. This approach is simply necessary in the case of the presentation of their services and products to potential business partners or customers. Usually preparation involves the following stages:

Intelligence (searching for information about a company of interest and its management helps to identify needs; sources of information of this type can be various forums, print publications, the website of the organization itself, feedback from other partners, etc.);
Development of an exclusive offer (the presentation should take into account the industry, market position, the duration of work, etc., since the conditions of cooperation should be adapted to solve the problems of a particular company);
Setting a goal (focusing on expected results allows you to choose the most effective means; negotiations may involve acquaintance, prior agreement, sale, etc.).
Intonation nuances
Understanding how to conduct telephone calls contributes to the choice of the correct intonation. The main difference of communication of this format is the absolute concentration of the interlocutor’s attention on the auditory and verbal features of the presentation of the material.

To achieve the maximum effect, several rules should be observed in the intonation plan:

try to communicate only in the most appropriate mood for this (otherwise, the sensation of forced necessity will be transmitted to the interlocutor);
express material optimistically (a light friendly smile will help make communication more pleasant);
radiate confidence in the value of their proposal (often even the opportunity provided to the partner to refuse allows you to achieve the desired results faster than numerous arguments);
avoid asking intonations (from a psychological point of view, a request can irritate and provoke a refusal);
apply adjustment to the interlocutor (the ability to speak with the same volume and speed contributes to the most successful reporting of information).
Verbal registration
Almost all types of communication imply following certain traditions. Compliance with business etiquette favorably reflects the cultural level of the initiator of the call and will allow you to demonstrate concern for the interlocutor. Successful communication over the phone contributes to:

a classic greeting (a small self-presentation usually includes the last name, first name, title, company and goal; it helps to understand the importance of the call);
the definition of the chronological framework of the conversation (information about the planned duration of communication will allow the interlocutor to assess the possibility of communication in a specific period of time);
formulating proposals in a positive way (the denials heard at the subconscious level force us to refuse the proposal).

Various methods can induce the interlocutor to the necessary actions. Telephone sales allows you to effectively use in conversation many traditional ways to attract a customer or partner. These include:

a presentation in the “property – benefits” format (this presentation of information will explain the specific advantages of certain points of the proposal);
the principle of threefold “yes” (obtaining agreement on 2 minor issues is likely to allow agreements to be reached on the third);
visibility in numbers and details (the use of statistics and detailed calculations inspires confidence);
a link to respected partners (mentioning famous people as real customers or business associates indicates the obvious value and advantage of cooperation);
rhetorical questions (this form helps to formulate hidden statements);
choice without alternative (proposal in this format helps to achieve the desired result regardless of the interlocutor’s decision), etc.

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